Renovating the Nursery

When we first moved in, we knew we would have some hard work ahead of us. Especially in here..

We bought this. We really did.

This photo is from the listing photos for our house. That’s all I really have; we wasted absolutely no time trying to fix this with taking more photos. Also, at that point, I didn’t want to remember this.

I’ll give you a brief overview on what was wrong here

  1. hellooooo, paint job. I really didn’t get this whole thing until my mother in law pointed out they were going for a Toy Story vibe.
Andy’s room, Toy Story

I guess they thought the board and batten wall was easily replaced with dark brown paint. Not to mention, there’s bright blue paint on the ceiling.


2. Carpet. I’m almost positive it was original to the late 70s home. I also may have spilt a massive amount of paint on the carpet in my frenzy to fix the walls..

Moving right along.

3. Boob light. (sorry, I’m sure there’s a better term, but I will forever know these as boob lights). This is also a massive problem because here in Washington, there is no AC. It gets hot and I wasn’t going to put my babe to sleep in a stuffy bedroom with no fan!

So, we came up with this..

To start with, we painted. The paint color we chose here is Behr paint in Pale Starlet.

We spent a full hour in Home Depot with the paint swatches and finally settled on this one for the bedrooms and another tan color for the living room and kitchen. Cameron was exhausted. We hadn’t even closed on this house and we were staying in the Navy Lodge, but we were so excited, and I couldn’t wait. When we got to our car, they looked identical in the sun–almost white! I still love this color, and it covered dark brown so easily!

Next, we replaced carpet. This is the next biggest thing that really changed this room.

I went to Lowe’s with my cash envelope labeled “HOME RENO” and quickly realized I was in for a rude awakening as I started to do the math. THEN, the sales associate took me down an aisle to the carpet in rolls that they have in stock (usually about 99 cents a square foot!).

I was iffy on these, but after reading reviews and understanding this wasn’t our forever home, we got the one off the rack and NEVER looked back! It’s plush and every time I tell someone we paid less than $400 for tearing carpet up, a new pad, and installing this carpet, no one can believe it!

Side note: ALWAYS wait for a promotion on carpet! They happen all the time. When we got this one, it was either a free pad or free install.Also Lowe’s and Home Depot has a military discount!

Anyway, after that, it was just time to change the lighting and then move her stuff in!

The light we went for was actually an outdoor fan we found at Home Depot. After this was installed, I was really tempted to just start ripping fans out of walls and replacing them with these.

I love changing out light fixtures. Old light fixtures can really age a home, and nice ones make all the difference. Also, it’s inexpensive if you do it yourself!

Side Note: An easy way to save money is to do things yourself. An easier way to save money is to hire someone if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially with electrical work.

Thankfully, Cameron had this one down! And it turned out great.

But seriously. Please, God, hire an electrician if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For the actual changes we made to this room, this only cost us about $600, and we cash flowed the whole process. And I’d say it was well worth the investment, from an equity standpoint and a livability standpoint!

So, that’s that. That’s the first room that I would say is done and we won’t do any more major projects to. Also, after two years its the only room that’s done.

If you’d like to see a couple projects we’ve done in this room, you can read about them here

Where I am with this room is simple: incredibly thankful. For the child we got to change this room for and for the room itself and what it taught us.

I’m stealing from my own Instagram and Facebook, but I will always remember The Toy Story Room and changing it into Lawson’s nursery. And her room will always be the room that reminds us how naive we were when we bought this house!

To the Toy Story Room, and all of its…charm? May you never return!

If you’d like to know more about the decor projects we did in her room, read my other post here.


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