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I’m Madison Barfoot, currently living in Oak Harbor, Washington but from a small Duck Dynasty town in Louisiana!

My husband is in the Navy and is currently serving at NAS Whidbey Island. We moved here with our cocker mix Ellie & soon brought home our border collie mutt Fox (see where this name comes from 😉 ). We welcomed our first beautiful girl in June 2019! We are obsessed with our Lawson Azalea.

That’s who I am at a glance. But, what is this blog? Where am I going here? I know your eyes rolled alllll the way back in your head when another SAHM started sharing her blog posts. Or maybe not. Regardless.

I have an etsy shop of the same name and I LOVE the crafting and DIY I get to do on a daily basis because of it! I am really proud of the work I put into it.

Also, we bought a Starter Home From Hell two years ago (more on that to come). We have spent the last two years learning how to do small renovations and projects on the weekends to make our House From Hell a beautiful home.

Not to mention, we are living thousands and thousands of miles away from everyone we had known. It was…an adjustment. It’s lonely. It’s hard. Harder with a baby. More on that later, too.

And all of that is coming to a head, soon. We are moving in about a year! So we are raising a baby, crafting, doing projects, figuring our what’s next, and making our home ready for realtors very soon.

And honestly.

I’m proud. And I want to show what we’re up to.

So if you want to stay up to date with what we’re doing to our home, the DIY projects I force my husband to endure with me, or just keep up with my family…I mean look at this face

Well…Welcome to Ellie and Fox! Glad to have you.


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