Lawson’s Nursery DIYs

I was so excited to decorate this room for our little girl, and I love her nursery! It is easily one of my favorite rooms in the house. If you haven’t read my post about how we did our small reno of this room, read it here!

I’ve had a giant pinterest board with baby pins on it pretty much ever since I got a pinterest. I like lists. And plans.

But Cameron was deployed the first six months of my pregnancy. I told him I was pregnant over FaceTime. Not really how it was supposed to happen according to my Pinterest board.

It was obviously easy to be excited because, hello, we’re having a baby! But that was also the most lonely I have ever been.

My emergency contact was my mom, who was across the country. My secondary was Cam, who was across the world.

So, everything I did for Lawson when I was pregnant, I went overboard. The dresses, gear, research, and her nursery(IKEA furniture and calling my dad saying “So, is the allen wrench the L or the clicky thing?” included). It somehow made me feel closer to her–closer to anyone else in the world. Even though everyone was so so far, I had my baby inside my own body! It was the biggest blessing and exactly what I needed in that season.

So, at some point, I stumbled on the pink, floral name sign of my dreams while on Pinterest and knew I had to make it for her. (One of my top love languages is acts of service. Can you tell?)

@vanessaantonelli on Instagram

I love floral..well, everything! But..hi..for a sign this large on Etsy, it would cost me almost $400.


So I did one myself for about a quarter of the cost!

For her name sign, I used fake floral bouquets, styrofoam backing, a wooden cutout of her name, fishing line, and a frame.

First, I chose the flowers. Do not skimp on these or it won’t turn out near as pretty. Also don’t go for tiny ones, or you’ll be here forever and a day.

Next, you’re going to pop off the flower part and glue it into some styrofoam. This takes some time (ie, forever, but not quite forever and a day). Hot glue and Netflix, ladies, hot glue and Netflix.

Then, I attached her name with fishing line. I had no idea you could order a personalized name cutout like this on Amazon (especially inexpensively), so I was impressed to find this one! Also, fishing line is not a craft tool, but it blends in so well it’s an easy win.

Then, I secured the styrofoam into a large photo frame without the glass.

Last, you’re going to want to fill in any spots where you can still see the styrofoam where it meets the frame.

I absolutely adore how this sign turned out! I invested a lot of time and a good chunk of change into this, but considering how expensive these are..I’m far, far in the green, and I’ll take it!

Next, I wanted shelves that would be easily accessible to Lawson as she grows. I really wanted her books to be where she could see the covers, not just the spine, so when she’s older she can choose her own books. So, Cameron made her this.

Cameron has really been into building things lately. Although this isn’t engineering brilliance or complicated plans, this is how Cameron contributed to her room. I think he feels the same as me–even though putting together all these gadgets and swings and bouncers and whatever else was no fun, it meant we were getting ready for our baby!

Anyway, back to the shelves. You’ve probably seen this floating around Pinterest as a photo ledge–and he built us another for the living room for that purpose after we saw how great this one turned out. But I love it for her books. Its functional and the books don’t just slide off since there’s a ledge in the front.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bookshelf-closer-look.jpg

It’s so popular on Pinterest because it’s so dang easy! Three boards!!

We (& by that I mean Cameron) stained ours with a golden oak stain and sealed it. Then into the studs. chef kisses dramatically

We’ll be needing more soon, but we’ll just layer them down the wall as her library grows. Again, Cameron will be layering them down the wall.

I loved doing things for Lawson in her nursery and she’s growing into it just fine! She still won’t be sleeping in here for a couple months, so really at this point this is still just The Diaper and Baby Clothes Room, but about a year ago, I was at my coffee table drowning in hot glue with little styrofoam balls all over the floor because all those hormones made me do it!!!

Lawson and I, in her room we worked so hard on!

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do earn a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!


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