Lawson’s Three Month Update

Hiya! I figure the main reason a lot of our family likes these little posts is because they get to keep up with Lawson, and, hey I can’t blame you.

Since we live far away, the internet is really the only way to update family and friends about our baby! So here we go:


The first thing, and everyone’s first question: she is sleeping through the night! Please Jesus, cross my heart hope to die, knock on wood, and EVERYTHING else.

We have a schedule we follow every night: at 7:45ish, Cameron gives her a bath while I get a bottle ready.

the attitude..

After her bath, I read to her while Cam dresses her for bed. Then, she has a bottle and goes down until about 5-6 in the morning. She seems pretty attached to the routine and is harder to put down if we skip a bath or miss a step. But altogether, a good sleeper ultimately comes down to luck, so we feel so blessed!

Some nights she goes down better than others. A lot of mornings 5-6 turns into 3-4. But, altogether, she is a great sleeper! I have held off on talking about that because I’m sure I’ve jinxed it all, but here it is!

Playtime & Tummy Time

Lawson is just now getting to a point where she uses her hands for play. She swats at toys and grips her wubanubs. If you don’t have a baby, that’s not exciting to you, at all, but when their first milestones are following toys with their eyes, hands seem really exciting!

For playtime, we use this play mat. We got this off of Facebook marketplace for a couple dollars, and she LOVES this thing! She’s usually content on this or in her swing. She likes to kick the piano keys and swat at the hanging toys.

And for tummy time, we turn her around and prop her up on this tummy time pillow so she can watch the lights.

Since we have her propped up, she doesn’t burry her entire face into the mat ending tummy time early.

Propping her up has made tummy time much less taxing and so we do more of it! We still do tummy time all the way on the ground as well, so she can learn to roll over and other milestones. Speaking of..


She can hold her head up really well! She’s almost ready for the Bumbo, but she needs to gain more upper body strength before we really start to use it more.

She hasn’t rolled and it depends on the day if she wants to prop herself up on her elbows well. She is right on track.

I can’t embed videos that aren’t already online here but I wish I could show you how Cam cheers like he’s at a football game when she looks like she may want to roll over!


This is also everyone’s absolute favorite. Right now she weighs about 13-14 pounds and is about 24 inches long.


She is big.

Moving along


Right now, Lawson is getting about 2/3 breastmilk and the rest is formula.

I’ve thought about making a whole post about our decision to supplement and how much it’s helped her tummy and helped my sanity. But, honestly, I don’t want to. Because it really doesn’t matter, at all. Not to mention her tummy and reflux issues started easing up when we introduced a little formula.

I had no idea if I was breast or formula fed until Lawson. Until recently, I couldn’t tell you how Cam had been fed as a baby. All of my friends, everyone who I grew up with, I can not tell who was breast fed, who had formula, who had a mix of it all.

But when you are breastfeeding, your hormones and your instincts are telling you you need to feed your baby. Period. It’s how we’ve survived. That’s why there’s so much surrounding the Fed is Best campaign. Of course fed is best! But it’s more telling your hind brain your baby is still getting what it needs.

I went through body armors, blue gatorade, oatmeal, pink drinks, coconut water, drowned in as much water I could drink, ate more veggies, and ate so many lactation cookies I’m surprised I didn’t go into a sugar coma. I tried to relax and did all the research I could. I was always online reading ways to produce more milk, build a stash, or just make it through the day without touching the formula samples in my drawer. I was making myself exhausted.

But I realized it really doesn’t matter if breast is best or if fed is best because a happy house is better than it all.

If I really really wanted to, I could continue pushing my body and my mind into making enough to feed my baby. But I don’t really want to live in that anymore and it’s not worth my peace.

I can’t tell you people who have been formula fed vs. breast but I can tell you who was raised in a household that emphasized balance and not perfection. And I can tell you which one made the difference.

Miscellaneous Favorites

On a lighter note-

There was a long time where she would only really smile for you if you sang Good as Hell by Lizzo. My girl.

She loves the car! We have a cow toy that sings to her attached to the handle of her carseat that she is obsessed with. And that’s the first toy she’s ever smiled at!

She also loves fake coughs and thinks that it’s hilarious.

She is cooing and squealing, a lot!

She LOVES hanging out in our bed. This one worries me. Cameron and I have agreed to try and be intentional about our kids sleeping in their own spaces, but when she wakes up, she is so happy and we are so exhausted we usually hang out in bed before starting the day.

see the resemblance?

That’s Lawson, right now. She will be three months old next week and we are loving every minute!

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