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Happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing all about our tiny bathroom. We recently added shelving, painted the vanity, and replaced the mirror & light fixture. It was a really quick project, but I am so much more happier with the bathroom now that it is done!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories about my $1500 cart on Wayfair. I cut that way down, but I did grab a few items for our bathroom on major sale!! Wayfair has great sales on home improvement items, and they are really good about sending coupon codes. I’ve linked the products I got in the post in case you wanted to grab something yourself.

For clarity and transparency, affiliate links will be marked with an asterisk*.

This was our vanity before our most recent projects. We had already painted it a dark gray and replaced the two doors with one large swinging door, with a hook and eye fastener. We also replaced the faucet, along with painting the walls.

To change it up, we really just changed the mirror and lights out.

I really love the round mirror trend and love how it contrasts on top of a square vanity. Our mirror before was a medicine cabinet, so it was double-boxy!

Not to mention, even though the mirror only sat maybe 5 inches off the wall, having one without the medicine cabinet felt like there was lots more room–which is very important in here!

after seeing these, I think it’s time for a paint touch up in the corner!

We also changed the light fixture out. (again, we = not me, all Cameron).

I’ll give my disclaimer again: hire someone to do this if you aren’t sure how! Not to mention, the money we saved from doing it ourselves was almost sacrificed into paying for marriage counseling after the stress of this one, so…weigh your options here. (kidding, mostly)

I will always always rave about switching those light fixtures!! It is often overlooked but definitely shouldn’t be, fixtures definitely can age a home!

We have almost no room at all, so if we can turn things like the soap dispenser* and toothbrush holders* into decor pieces, then I am all for it!

These just screw onto regular mason jars and give the Farmhouse look. We just buy the giant tubs of Mrs. Meyer’s handsoap designed for refilling containers like this.

Next, are the shelves. Cameron made these and they are very similar to the photo ledge/book shelf I shared in my post about the DIYs we did in Lawson’s nursery. He stained these with a golden oak stain and sealed with polyurethane.

On the top shelf, I made a sign (post coming soon!) with a faux plant for decor and stored Q Tips and cotton balls on the second shelf with containers from Target. The basket is a garage sale find and is a placeholder until Cameron gets further down on his project to do list and makes a small box matching the shelves!

And after that, we’ve hit pause in here. We haven’t decided if we want to completely stop or keep going and tile our shower. What do you think? Leave your comments below or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook!

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do earn a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!


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