Happy Fall-idays!

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So, let’s jump in! The supplies I used were a four foot 1 x 8 board, paint, vinyl, and mod podge. You also will need a cutting machine like a silhouette cameo or circut. You can find the machine I use here*.

I started by painting my 1 x 8 board dark gray. I love using chalk paint on signs like this because of the finish and how quickly it dries. You can find my favorite inexpensive brand on Amazon here*.

While my paint was drying, I got to work in Silhouette Stuidos designing how I wanted the sign to look.

If you are making a sign with large dimensions, you can always change the size of your page to get your spacing and size exactly how you wanted.

I don’t like cutting without a mat, so I used three different sheets of 12 x 12 and Frankenstein-ed it all together.

Another note: for the pumpkin, I was planning on using the vinyl as a stencil since I have plenty of orange paint on hand and no orange vinyl. When you make a stencil, it is exactly how you would make a non-stencil except you weed the actual design out instead of the excess around the design!

After everything was painted and weeded, it was time to lay it down. You can use a ruler or markings here to make it exact, but I had no problem with how this one turned out without it.

For the pumpkin stencil, instead of weeding around the pumpkin, I weeded the pumpkin itself. This one is easier to see than explain.

The most important part about stenciling is to make sure it is laid down well. You can seal it down with mod podge to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed outside of the stencil, but I don’t feel the need. Also, you should dab your paint on instead of brushing against the vinyl.

While that was drying, I laid down my bats. Instead of using transfer paper, I just peeled these off and applied like stickers. Since it was such a small design, this works great.

Last, I laid down the “or”

To seal, I used Mod Podge. It dries clear and works great for projects like these.

Then, it’s ready to go outside!

This was a really fun project that was really simple!



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