Friday “Five”: October 18

Happy Friday!

One of the bloggers I follow (Sarah Joy Blog) posts these “Friday Five” posts basically about what she has loved in the week, and I love it! I think it’s such a great idea since we do lots of things right now that don’t warrant their own posts but I would like to share. And I absolutely adore her content!

But, I’m not as good at keeping it brief like she is. And my brain dumps look a lot more like a dump, and hers are kind of like a filing cabinet. So these are THREE things I’ve been loving or thinking about this week. (“Friday Three” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, so I’m still figuring out a title!)

So, these are a few little things I have loved this week!


This past weekend, Cameron’s parents came into town, and it was so nice in so many ways.

Just catching up is nice, and much needed. But something that hit me harder than I thought it would was having help–around the house, with the baby everything.

I don’t think anyone understands how hard time management is with a baby until they’ve had one. Or, at least, we sure didn’t. Every moment, all of our attention is getting Lawson what she needs. That’s how it’s supposed to be, yes, but woooooh, we were feeling it. Hard.

I explain this a lot, but we are struggling with the burden of not having our family physically available to help us with the baby.

And honestly, I was starting to feel resentful to everyone I see who is able to take care of their to do lists or get work done while leaving their babies with their family. Or, how crazy, go out to dinner with their husband and not have to take turns on who gets to eat and who has to tend to the hungry, screaming baby.

Is that fair of me? No. Is it true?


Also, with living away from our family, it’s easy to feel guilty about not only my kid getting her time with people who genuinely love her unconditionally, but also, how not spending lots of time with her affects our family. Obviously, there’s nothing to do about this; it’s what we signed up for in this lifestyle. Again, not fair, but how I feel.

So, any time with family right now is very welcome, and probably, much needed. For everyone.

Date Night

On that note, Cam and I had our first date night since Lawson was born! We went to the fabric store (for Lawson), to the baby store, then to dinner and a movie.

Also we ate “dinner” at 3:30 and were home by 8.

I mean, baby steps.

I’m not going to type this long post about how important taking time for your relationship is, but we know it is. So, we’re figuring it out how to take a date night that doesn’t include five, six hours of air travel.

Work in progress.


I’m recently back on to the Pinterest bandwagon.

I find Pinterest to be even worse for me than Instagram or Facebook on the need to do everything anxiety meter. So, I go off and on, but, honestly, I’m trying to figure Pinterest out for the blog and for my Etsy products. And, Cameron is really looking into woodworking projects, and along with some trusted blog sites we follow, Pinterest is THE BEST.

Pinterest is so fun because it’s like creating lots of vision boards. I think of it as “Madison 2.0”. Sometimes that inspires me. Sometimes it makes me feel not nearly as good.

Right now, my expectations for reality are pretty low, so we’re doing pretty good so far. I’m kidding, mostly. At this point, any decently executed Pinterest project will be a win, and in the meantime, I can at least look.

So, that’s what I’ve been mulling over this week.

I really like this form of brain dumping, really casually, and exposing my thoughts to the internet. Check out Sarah’s post, since she inspired me to do these kinds of posts. (I also really enjoy her posts).

I’m also linking my Pinterest board & my Etsy here, since I mentioned them.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Pinterest is my addiction. I wish that when I pinned something it would automatically pop into my home. Well, that might be a bad idea because then I would become a hoarder. 🤔

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