Holidays, Airplanes, & RSV

Happy 2020!

I am so excited to get back in the swing of normal life, because the holidays wiped me out.

Before I jump back in to the swing of things and get back to posting regularly, I just wanted to do some blanket updates.

First, thank you to everyone who purchased from my etsy shop this holiday season! I was up to my eyeballs in ornaments and tees, but it was the best feeling seeing people announce pregnancies, buy gifts, and order matching family gear.

Then was the big one, that we’ve been prepping for since last Christmas: the day we took the six month old on a five hour flight from Seattle to Louisiana. I think I will make a whole post about this experience, but I will just say that the goal was getting from point A to point B. Everything else (eating, Lawson not screaming, sleep) was a bonus, if they came.

After we finally got there, Lawson came down with a cough, so we decided to take her into the doctor.


Dirty word for all you mamas, especially to tiny babies.

We were lucky that our experience was doctor’s visits and nebulizers, but we were aware that it could have gotten much worse, for Lawson’s age. Some days Lawson was inconsolable, and some days, she acted like she wasn’t sick at all.

It also meant our flight back to Seattle was a lot more hectic.

We had to go through Monroe Regional Airport’s security with a stroller, formula, prescription, and a nebulizer. Yikes.

After we finally went through (and only were somehow pulled out of lines because of Cameron’s magic cards and not any of the previously mentioned headaches), we had to give Lawon breathing treatments in the airport every three hours, as she screamed (not cried, screamed).

We made it to Houston, then to Seattle and got home in the early hours of Christmas Eve. I am thankful we (hopefully) won’t have to make that trip again on Christmas. It wasn’t fun, and Christmas ended up being pretty stressful.

Overall, we had a great Christmas, but, yes, I’m grateful it’s over. Christmas was so much more magical watching my child, but, wow, did it do a number on us. It’s hard to carry the mental load of a trip, Christmas, and of a sick baby, and we were walking all those paths at once.

On the other hand, we had a great visit with family, we were home for Christmas, and we didn’t miss any flights! I had a great season in my shop and my kid is happy and healthy. I am so very grateful for this crazy, magical Christmas.


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