Lawson’s First Snow Day January 14, 2020

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Although we live in Washington, we really rarely get snow where we are located. We usually get one good snow a year (our first was on Christmas day, last year was later into the winter, and this time it’s mid-January). We are more prepared than, say, Louisiana to deal with snow, but when the roads ice, our small town, along with the small businesses and the base, hibernates.

So today, we spent all day sledding and playing outside. It’s not an ideal situation to play in the snow with a six month old, but she loved going down our hill!

Earlier today, I didn’t want to take photos, at all. I go back and forth with the thought of the older Lawson wanting photos of us at this time and hating how I currently look, the way my hair lays, the state of our yard.

But these are some of my best memories with my little family, and I am so grateful for the photos we got of our fun. You can see it on our faces (okay, maybe not Lawson’s, but she really was giggling as soon as we came to a stop).

They don’t look particularly aesthetically pleasing. I’ve explained my baby’s frown three times already. But, wow, I don’t think I will ever forget going down the tiny hill in our front yard with our babe, wrapped in a huge ball of fleece, erupting in giggles as soon as we reached the bottom

These are the photos I can’t wait to hang on our wall.

These are the photos I can’t wait to show her when she’s older and tell her about our little house on a small island in Washington when she was tiny.

I have recently been more aware about how little of a chance we get to enjoy where we are in our own lives before it speeds away. I’m really not sure we’ll get such a big snow day with our remaining time in Washington. Not to mention, I know she won’t be this tiny much longer. And what if I didn’t get those photos of us going down the hill because I was too concerned with everything else?

So, basically, the moral of the story is, take the picture. Of your husband, your kids, your friends, and, please don’t forget, yourself. Take the photo.

I am linking Lawson’s insulated jumpsuit here (we love it and put it right over her clothes to keep her warm in the snow, and it covers her hands and feet! It’s great if you can’t find a tiny tiny snowsuit. Here is a link to Lawson’s beanie.


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