DIY Kids Valentines Photos

My husband and I decided that we would make it a priority to take photos of our daughter for every “first” holiday. Whether that’s on her bedroom floor, mall Santa, pumpkin patches, so far we have gotten photos and sealed them in Hallmark cards with “Lawson’s first…” on the envelope (more in a post coming soon). So, this year, for Valentine’s Day, we took some on the kitchen table!

First, let me say I am by no means a photographer. At all. I don’t usually have matching socks on! So my hopes were pretty low when I started planning to take photos of my seven month old.

However, I love how these turned out. Mamas, I know you’re exhausted and stretched in a million different directions, but take $20 and go get some clearance Valentine’s Day decorations and have fun making some memories! We used some decorations and cupcakes, but I have seen other photos with balloons, confetti, and even as simple (and adorable!) as shirtless baby rolls with a Mom heart temporary tattoo for little boys.

I will link everything if you are curious and want to recreate some photos for yourself. I will try and find links for everything via Amazon since those links are evergreen and have two day shipping. Other links may be available in store only, but get as creative as you want, and you don’t need the exact supplies I used.

*Amazon links are affiliate links

Well, let’s get into it!


  • Backdrop (Amazon) : not necessary, but super inexpensive and I already had it from taking listing photos for Etsy & it never fails to come in super handy!
  • Glitter Hearts (Walmart, in store only. Amazon) : I hot glued these to fishing line then taped them to the backdrop and filled the mailbox with them.
  • Valentines Mailboxes (Walmart, in store only. Amazon) : these sell out quickly, so grab one if you find it!
  • Heart Candies (Amazon)
  • Heart Dish (Amazon)
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes, with Pink Icing (Whatever combination works!)
  • Table Cloth: (Amazon) Must have if your babe is tiny and eating. Whatever color works, but keep in mind how it will look with the lighting and contrasting colors


The only prep you really need to do is set up and if you want to figure out extra lighting. No fancy lighting is needed, and natural light is the best, but work with what you have! I had lamps with their shades since it is winter in the PNW, so we have no sun…ever. 🙄

Oh, and make your cupcakes & fend off any thieves!

Cupcake liner & Topper Set linked Here (Walmart)

Taking Your Photos

And then, the day has come! You dress your baby, you do all the work.

And it’s only about a 50/50 if they’ll cooperate like you want them to.

Lawson didn’t really eat the cupcakes at all, but she’s pretty cute, so it’s all a wash.

And that’s how I set up and took these! I love the idea of being creative and getting those photos to keep and look back on.

I hope I have inspired some mamas to go out and get some clearance Valentine’s decor in the name of getting some sweet memories with your babes and toddlers!


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