Happy Fall-idays!

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So, let’s jump in! The supplies I used were a four foot 1 x 8 board, paint, vinyl, and mod podge. You also will need a cutting machine like a silhouette cameo or circut. You can find the machine I use here*.

I started by painting my 1 x 8 board dark gray. I love using chalk paint on signs like this because of the finish and how quickly it dries. You can find my favorite inexpensive brand on Amazon here*.

While my paint was drying, I got to work in Silhouette Stuidos designing how I wanted the sign to look.

If you are making a sign with large dimensions, you can always change the size of your page to get your spacing and size exactly how you wanted.

I don’t like cutting without a mat, so I used three different sheets of 12 x 12 and Frankenstein-ed it all together.

Another note: for the pumpkin, I was planning on using the vinyl as a stencil since I have plenty of orange paint on hand and no orange vinyl. When you make a stencil, it is exactly how you would make a non-stencil except you weed the actual design out instead of the excess around the design!

After everything was painted and weeded, it was time to lay it down. You can use a ruler or markings here to make it exact, but I had no problem with how this one turned out without it.

For the pumpkin stencil, instead of weeding around the pumpkin, I weeded the pumpkin itself. This one is easier to see than explain.

The most important part about stenciling is to make sure it is laid down well. You can seal it down with mod podge to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed outside of the stencil, but I don’t feel the need. Also, you should dab your paint on instead of brushing against the vinyl.

While that was drying, I laid down my bats. Instead of using transfer paper, I just peeled these off and applied like stickers. Since it was such a small design, this works great.

Last, I laid down the “or”

To seal, I used Mod Podge. It dries clear and works great for projects like these.

Then, it’s ready to go outside!

This was a really fun project that was really simple!


Our Bathroom

Happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing all about our tiny bathroom. We recently added shelving, painted the vanity, and replaced the mirror & light fixture. It was a really quick project, but I am so much more happier with the bathroom now that it is done!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories about my $1500 cart on Wayfair. I cut that way down, but I did grab a few items for our bathroom on major sale!! Wayfair has great sales on home improvement items, and they are really good about sending coupon codes. I’ve linked the products I got in the post in case you wanted to grab something yourself.

For clarity and transparency, affiliate links will be marked with an asterisk*.

This was our vanity before our most recent projects. We had already painted it a dark gray and replaced the two doors with one large swinging door, with a hook and eye fastener. We also replaced the faucet, along with painting the walls.

To change it up, we really just changed the mirror and lights out.

I really love the round mirror trend and love how it contrasts on top of a square vanity. Our mirror before was a medicine cabinet, so it was double-boxy!

Not to mention, even though the mirror only sat maybe 5 inches off the wall, having one without the medicine cabinet felt like there was lots more room–which is very important in here!

after seeing these, I think it’s time for a paint touch up in the corner!

We also changed the light fixture out. (again, we = not me, all Cameron).

I’ll give my disclaimer again: hire someone to do this if you aren’t sure how! Not to mention, the money we saved from doing it ourselves was almost sacrificed into paying for marriage counseling after the stress of this one, so…weigh your options here. (kidding, mostly)

I will always always rave about switching those light fixtures!! It is often overlooked but definitely shouldn’t be, fixtures definitely can age a home!

We have almost no room at all, so if we can turn things like the soap dispenser* and toothbrush holders* into decor pieces, then I am all for it!

These just screw onto regular mason jars and give the Farmhouse look. We just buy the giant tubs of Mrs. Meyer’s handsoap designed for refilling containers like this.

Next, are the shelves. Cameron made these and they are very similar to the photo ledge/book shelf I shared in my post about the DIYs we did in Lawson’s nursery. He stained these with a golden oak stain and sealed with polyurethane.

On the top shelf, I made a sign (post coming soon!) with a faux plant for decor and stored Q Tips and cotton balls on the second shelf with containers from Target. The basket is a garage sale find and is a placeholder until Cameron gets further down on his project to do list and makes a small box matching the shelves!

And after that, we’ve hit pause in here. We haven’t decided if we want to completely stop or keep going and tile our shower. What do you think? Leave your comments below or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook!

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do earn a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!



I’m posting twice this Friday, because I found a steal in the Dollar Spot at Target and wanted to share before they are gone!

If you don’t stop by the Dollar Spot at Target, you definitely should. The items are seasonal though, so be sure you snag this one up quickly!!

I was deep deep in the fake pumpkins when I stumbled on this gem! It’s about 14 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

And..Only $3! I’m assuming these will last until Halloween is over since it’s from the same line as the pumpkins and Fall decor.

Then, I cut her name out using my Silhouette Cameo.

If you don’t have the need for a cutting machine, I sell name decals on my Etsy! The ten inch option I used for this project is only $5!

If you can hand letter, that is also a great option! (I also am so jealous, since I have tried and tried but I just can’t get the hang of it!) There are lots of tutorials on Youtube if you are learning!

Then it’s seriously as easy as laying down your vinyl decal!

And simple as that! If you would like to seal, you can do so with matte mod podge. I have used that method before on signs around the house, and it works great and doesn’t affect how your project looks. I didn’t feel the need to seal this one.

And that’s really it!

It is so simple and inexpensive, and it turns out beautiful!

But don’t wait! Dollar spot deals don’t last. And people like me may have bought as many as they can get their hands on. I mean, come on, $3!

I want to see yours if you decide to make your own! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do share them with the possibility of earning a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!

Lawson’s Three Month Update

Hiya! I figure the main reason a lot of our family likes these little posts is because they get to keep up with Lawson, and, hey I can’t blame you.

Since we live far away, the internet is really the only way to update family and friends about our baby! So here we go:


The first thing, and everyone’s first question: she is sleeping through the night! Please Jesus, cross my heart hope to die, knock on wood, and EVERYTHING else.

We have a schedule we follow every night: at 7:45ish, Cameron gives her a bath while I get a bottle ready.

the attitude..

After her bath, I read to her while Cam dresses her for bed. Then, she has a bottle and goes down until about 5-6 in the morning. She seems pretty attached to the routine and is harder to put down if we skip a bath or miss a step. But altogether, a good sleeper ultimately comes down to luck, so we feel so blessed!

Some nights she goes down better than others. A lot of mornings 5-6 turns into 3-4. But, altogether, she is a great sleeper! I have held off on talking about that because I’m sure I’ve jinxed it all, but here it is!

Playtime & Tummy Time

Lawson is just now getting to a point where she uses her hands for play. She swats at toys and grips her wubanubs. If you don’t have a baby, that’s not exciting to you, at all, but when their first milestones are following toys with their eyes, hands seem really exciting!

For playtime, we use this play mat. We got this off of Facebook marketplace for a couple dollars, and she LOVES this thing! She’s usually content on this or in her swing. She likes to kick the piano keys and swat at the hanging toys.

And for tummy time, we turn her around and prop her up on this tummy time pillow so she can watch the lights.

Since we have her propped up, she doesn’t burry her entire face into the mat ending tummy time early.

Propping her up has made tummy time much less taxing and so we do more of it! We still do tummy time all the way on the ground as well, so she can learn to roll over and other milestones. Speaking of..


She can hold her head up really well! She’s almost ready for the Bumbo, but she needs to gain more upper body strength before we really start to use it more.

She hasn’t rolled and it depends on the day if she wants to prop herself up on her elbows well. She is right on track.

I can’t embed videos that aren’t already online here but I wish I could show you how Cam cheers like he’s at a football game when she looks like she may want to roll over!


This is also everyone’s absolute favorite. Right now she weighs about 13-14 pounds and is about 24 inches long.


She is big.

Moving along


Right now, Lawson is getting about 2/3 breastmilk and the rest is formula.

I’ve thought about making a whole post about our decision to supplement and how much it’s helped her tummy and helped my sanity. But, honestly, I don’t want to. Because it really doesn’t matter, at all. Not to mention her tummy and reflux issues started easing up when we introduced a little formula.

I had no idea if I was breast or formula fed until Lawson. Until recently, I couldn’t tell you how Cam had been fed as a baby. All of my friends, everyone who I grew up with, I can not tell who was breast fed, who had formula, who had a mix of it all.

But when you are breastfeeding, your hormones and your instincts are telling you you need to feed your baby. Period. It’s how we’ve survived. That’s why there’s so much surrounding the Fed is Best campaign. Of course fed is best! But it’s more telling your hind brain your baby is still getting what it needs.

I went through body armors, blue gatorade, oatmeal, pink drinks, coconut water, drowned in as much water I could drink, ate more veggies, and ate so many lactation cookies I’m surprised I didn’t go into a sugar coma. I tried to relax and did all the research I could. I was always online reading ways to produce more milk, build a stash, or just make it through the day without touching the formula samples in my drawer. I was making myself exhausted.

But I realized it really doesn’t matter if breast is best or if fed is best because a happy house is better than it all.

If I really really wanted to, I could continue pushing my body and my mind into making enough to feed my baby. But I don’t really want to live in that anymore and it’s not worth my peace.

I can’t tell you people who have been formula fed vs. breast but I can tell you who was raised in a household that emphasized balance and not perfection. And I can tell you which one made the difference.

Miscellaneous Favorites

On a lighter note-

There was a long time where she would only really smile for you if you sang Good as Hell by Lizzo. My girl.

She loves the car! We have a cow toy that sings to her attached to the handle of her carseat that she is obsessed with. And that’s the first toy she’s ever smiled at!

She also loves fake coughs and thinks that it’s hilarious.

She is cooing and squealing, a lot!

She LOVES hanging out in our bed. This one worries me. Cameron and I have agreed to try and be intentional about our kids sleeping in their own spaces, but when she wakes up, she is so happy and we are so exhausted we usually hang out in bed before starting the day.

see the resemblance?

That’s Lawson, right now. She will be three months old next week and we are loving every minute!

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do earn a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!

Lawson’s Nursery DIYs

I was so excited to decorate this room for our little girl, and I love her nursery! It is easily one of my favorite rooms in the house. If you haven’t read my post about how we did our small reno of this room, read it here!

I’ve had a giant pinterest board with baby pins on it pretty much ever since I got a pinterest. I like lists. And plans.

But Cameron was deployed the first six months of my pregnancy. I told him I was pregnant over FaceTime. Not really how it was supposed to happen according to my Pinterest board.

It was obviously easy to be excited because, hello, we’re having a baby! But that was also the most lonely I have ever been.

My emergency contact was my mom, who was across the country. My secondary was Cam, who was across the world.

So, everything I did for Lawson when I was pregnant, I went overboard. The dresses, gear, research, and her nursery(IKEA furniture and calling my dad saying “So, is the allen wrench the L or the clicky thing?” included). It somehow made me feel closer to her–closer to anyone else in the world. Even though everyone was so so far, I had my baby inside my own body! It was the biggest blessing and exactly what I needed in that season.

So, at some point, I stumbled on the pink, floral name sign of my dreams while on Pinterest and knew I had to make it for her. (One of my top love languages is acts of service. Can you tell?)

@vanessaantonelli on Instagram

I love floral..well, everything! But..hi..for a sign this large on Etsy, it would cost me almost $400.


So I did one myself for about a quarter of the cost!

For her name sign, I used fake floral bouquets, styrofoam backing, a wooden cutout of her name, fishing line, and a frame.

First, I chose the flowers. Do not skimp on these or it won’t turn out near as pretty. Also don’t go for tiny ones, or you’ll be here forever and a day.

Next, you’re going to pop off the flower part and glue it into some styrofoam. This takes some time (ie, forever, but not quite forever and a day). Hot glue and Netflix, ladies, hot glue and Netflix.

Then, I attached her name with fishing line. I had no idea you could order a personalized name cutout like this on Amazon (especially inexpensively), so I was impressed to find this one! Also, fishing line is not a craft tool, but it blends in so well it’s an easy win.

Then, I secured the styrofoam into a large photo frame without the glass.

Last, you’re going to want to fill in any spots where you can still see the styrofoam where it meets the frame.

I absolutely adore how this sign turned out! I invested a lot of time and a good chunk of change into this, but considering how expensive these are..I’m far, far in the green, and I’ll take it!

Next, I wanted shelves that would be easily accessible to Lawson as she grows. I really wanted her books to be where she could see the covers, not just the spine, so when she’s older she can choose her own books. So, Cameron made her this.

Cameron has really been into building things lately. Although this isn’t engineering brilliance or complicated plans, this is how Cameron contributed to her room. I think he feels the same as me–even though putting together all these gadgets and swings and bouncers and whatever else was no fun, it meant we were getting ready for our baby!

Anyway, back to the shelves. You’ve probably seen this floating around Pinterest as a photo ledge–and he built us another for the living room for that purpose after we saw how great this one turned out. But I love it for her books. Its functional and the books don’t just slide off since there’s a ledge in the front.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bookshelf-closer-look.jpg

It’s so popular on Pinterest because it’s so dang easy! Three boards!!

We (& by that I mean Cameron) stained ours with a golden oak stain and sealed it. Then into the studs. chef kisses dramatically

We’ll be needing more soon, but we’ll just layer them down the wall as her library grows. Again, Cameron will be layering them down the wall.

I loved doing things for Lawson in her nursery and she’s growing into it just fine! She still won’t be sleeping in here for a couple months, so really at this point this is still just The Diaper and Baby Clothes Room, but about a year ago, I was at my coffee table drowning in hot glue with little styrofoam balls all over the floor because all those hormones made me do it!!!

Lawson and I, in her room we worked so hard on!

Note: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Although I do earn a commission, I did use those specific products and was very happy with them before recommending!

Renovating the Nursery

When we first moved in, we knew we would have some hard work ahead of us. Especially in here..

We bought this. We really did.

This photo is from the listing photos for our house. That’s all I really have; we wasted absolutely no time trying to fix this with taking more photos. Also, at that point, I didn’t want to remember this.

I’ll give you a brief overview on what was wrong here

  1. hellooooo, paint job. I really didn’t get this whole thing until my mother in law pointed out they were going for a Toy Story vibe.
Andy’s room, Toy Story

I guess they thought the board and batten wall was easily replaced with dark brown paint. Not to mention, there’s bright blue paint on the ceiling.


2. Carpet. I’m almost positive it was original to the late 70s home. I also may have spilt a massive amount of paint on the carpet in my frenzy to fix the walls..

Moving right along.

3. Boob light. (sorry, I’m sure there’s a better term, but I will forever know these as boob lights). This is also a massive problem because here in Washington, there is no AC. It gets hot and I wasn’t going to put my babe to sleep in a stuffy bedroom with no fan!

So, we came up with this..

To start with, we painted. The paint color we chose here is Behr paint in Pale Starlet.

We spent a full hour in Home Depot with the paint swatches and finally settled on this one for the bedrooms and another tan color for the living room and kitchen. Cameron was exhausted. We hadn’t even closed on this house and we were staying in the Navy Lodge, but we were so excited, and I couldn’t wait. When we got to our car, they looked identical in the sun–almost white! I still love this color, and it covered dark brown so easily!

Next, we replaced carpet. This is the next biggest thing that really changed this room.

I went to Lowe’s with my cash envelope labeled “HOME RENO” and quickly realized I was in for a rude awakening as I started to do the math. THEN, the sales associate took me down an aisle to the carpet in rolls that they have in stock (usually about 99 cents a square foot!).

I was iffy on these, but after reading reviews and understanding this wasn’t our forever home, we got the one off the rack and NEVER looked back! It’s plush and every time I tell someone we paid less than $400 for tearing carpet up, a new pad, and installing this carpet, no one can believe it!

Side note: ALWAYS wait for a promotion on carpet! They happen all the time. When we got this one, it was either a free pad or free install.Also Lowe’s and Home Depot has a military discount!

Anyway, after that, it was just time to change the lighting and then move her stuff in!

The light we went for was actually an outdoor fan we found at Home Depot. After this was installed, I was really tempted to just start ripping fans out of walls and replacing them with these.

I love changing out light fixtures. Old light fixtures can really age a home, and nice ones make all the difference. Also, it’s inexpensive if you do it yourself!

Side Note: An easy way to save money is to do things yourself. An easier way to save money is to hire someone if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially with electrical work.

Thankfully, Cameron had this one down! And it turned out great.

But seriously. Please, God, hire an electrician if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For the actual changes we made to this room, this only cost us about $600, and we cash flowed the whole process. And I’d say it was well worth the investment, from an equity standpoint and a livability standpoint!

So, that’s that. That’s the first room that I would say is done and we won’t do any more major projects to. Also, after two years its the only room that’s done.

If you’d like to see a couple projects we’ve done in this room, you can read about them here

Where I am with this room is simple: incredibly thankful. For the child we got to change this room for and for the room itself and what it taught us.

I’m stealing from my own Instagram and Facebook, but I will always remember The Toy Story Room and changing it into Lawson’s nursery. And her room will always be the room that reminds us how naive we were when we bought this house!

To the Toy Story Room, and all of its…charm? May you never return!

If you’d like to know more about the decor projects we did in her room, read my other post here.

Where I’m At


I’m Madison Barfoot, currently living in Oak Harbor, Washington but from a small Duck Dynasty town in Louisiana!

My husband is in the Navy and is currently serving at NAS Whidbey Island. We moved here with our cocker mix Ellie & soon brought home our border collie mutt Fox (see where this name comes from 😉 ). We welcomed our first beautiful girl in June 2019! We are obsessed with our Lawson Azalea.

That’s who I am at a glance. But, what is this blog? Where am I going here? I know your eyes rolled alllll the way back in your head when another SAHM started sharing her blog posts. Or maybe not. Regardless.

I have an etsy shop of the same name and I LOVE the crafting and DIY I get to do on a daily basis because of it! I am really proud of the work I put into it.

Also, we bought a Starter Home From Hell two years ago (more on that to come). We have spent the last two years learning how to do small renovations and projects on the weekends to make our House From Hell a beautiful home.

Not to mention, we are living thousands and thousands of miles away from everyone we had known. It was…an adjustment. It’s lonely. It’s hard. Harder with a baby. More on that later, too.

And all of that is coming to a head, soon. We are moving in about a year! So we are raising a baby, crafting, doing projects, figuring our what’s next, and making our home ready for realtors very soon.

And honestly.

I’m proud. And I want to show what we’re up to.

So if you want to stay up to date with what we’re doing to our home, the DIY projects I force my husband to endure with me, or just keep up with my family…I mean look at this face

Well…Welcome to Ellie and Fox! Glad to have you.