Holidays, Airplanes, & RSV

Happy 2020! I am so excited to get back in the swing of normal life, because the holidays wiped me out. Before I jump back in to the swing of things and get back to posting regularly, I just wanted to do some blanket updates. First, thank you to everyone who purchased from my etsyContinue reading “Holidays, Airplanes, & RSV”


Our Weekend and Finding Balance

Happy Monday! Truth be told, most weekends I feel lots of pressure to go out and have lots of fun before the work week begins again. And lots of times, we just end up playing catch up the entire weekend with lots of guilt on Sunday nights. Are we doing enough with her to lookContinue reading “Our Weekend and Finding Balance”

Lawson’s Three Month Update

Hiya! I figure the main reason a lot of our family likes these little posts is because they get to keep up with Lawson, and, hey I can’t blame you. Since we live far away, the internet is really the only way to update family and friends about our baby! So here we go: SLEEPContinue reading “Lawson’s Three Month Update”